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Patrick O’Brien is a dedicated, hard-working, results-oriented executive with over 35 years of business experience. This experience includes leading two separate banking companies as the CEO as well as serving hundreds of other business clients. During this unique time in our history (post-COVID) he is committed to utilizing his experience to help his clients not only survive but thrive.

Pat and his family live on a small working farm in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Industry Experience

    • Executive business leader
    • Significant experience building organizational culture, developing markets, modifying and implementing new procedures, facilitating change, and mentoring personnel 
    • President & Chief Executive Officer, Director and Chief Operating Officer of two SEC reporting companies for 15 years (NASDAQ: CBFV & FFCO) 
    • An active participant in Corporate Governance, Compensation, and Audit functions.
    • Leader of executive management realignment, staff right-sizing, crisis management and strategic planning.
    • Leader during both a company acquisition and divestiture. 
    • Inspiring and effective communicator with employees, executive management, board of directors, investors, regulators, customers and the general public. 
    • Leader in motivational sales and sales management, including marketing and brand building in both existing and new markets. 
    • Leader of departmental heads of accounting/finance, internal operations, information technology, human resources, marketing, regulatory and internal compliance and facilities maintenance.
    • Leader of economic development, non-profit and charitable efforts in the community.   

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Work With Pat

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