Throughout Pat O’Brien’s career, which includes being the CEO of two SEC reporting companies, he has managed through many different economic cycles. He has been immersed in all facets of operating a company. In other senior management roles, he has served in a wide variety of businesses in diverse industries. Navigating the “post COVID” economic cycle will be one of the most challenging. Having the correct strategy, leadership, and execution in place will be essential.
Pat will work hand in hand with his clients to utilize his experience to develop strategies and implement them to ensure success.

Consulting Services

Strategic Planning and Consulting

  • CEO “Sounding Board” 
    • Board of Directors Relationships
    • Shareholder Relationships
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Balance Sheet and Earnings Growth
    • New Products
    • New Markets

    Corporate Finance and Debt Restructuring

    Assuring that your total banking relationship is properly structured is essential.  That includes both your lending and cash management services.  He will use his 35+ years in banking to assure that his clients have the most efficient financial relationships in place.

    • Balance Sheet Evaluation
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Commercial Financing
    • Equipment Leasing
    • Governments Financing Programs
    • Distressed and Turnaround Situations
    • Cash Management
    • Overall Banking Relationship Management

    Management/Leadership Development

      • Management Succession Planning 
      • Management Team Building
      • Recognizing and Engaging “Emerging Leaders” 

    Sales Culture Development

      • Establishing Sales Goals and Objectives
      • Sales Team Development
      • Ongoing Sales Monitoring

    Leadership in Community and Economic Development

    During Pat O’Brien’s career, he has led and served several different community and economic development groups. He assists his clients in networking with the groups that support their business in being successful while fulfilling their desire to serve the communities.

    Non-Profit Outreach, Team Building, and Development

    Pat has also been blessed to lead and serve many different non-profit organizations. He helps clients decide which groups bring the most impact to their communities while building their employee’s morale, knowing that they and their company are “giving back.”

    Pat along with his wife Chris, their church and community members, volunteer weekly at an outreach mission in Marianna, PA. Clothing, housewares, furniture and appliances are received from generous donors, sorted and displayed by a dedicated volunteer team and distributed (free of charge) to those in need from primarily Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Greene Counties. Many children and single mothers are helped through this outreach.

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    Work With Pat

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